Showroom Designing is a Science with a little bit of Art in it

Showroom Designing is a Science with a little bit of Art in it

Top ten tips to refurbish your Showroom. 

Showroom designing is a fine art. A designer uses the right blend of psychology and art in designing a retail showroom. Now, imagine you are sitting in your shop. A random passerby enters fascinated by your display. He purchases his favorite product and leaves with a smile. Isn’t that the best thing? What if we tell, a magical spell was cast on the customer? Yes, you heard it right, it was a little trick. It was the trick that your showroom designer used to lure in your customers. Remember how Harry potter strolls through the Diagon alley? He exclaimed that he wished he’d have more than one pair of eyes. Those were the efforts of a retail showroom designer in designing the shop’s display. The Broomstix had their Nimbus 2000 showcased attracting a group of children, all excited by just seeing the new upgrade! Well, we say it is science. Shop owners consult interior decorators to transform shopping into a pleasurable consumer experience     

Nowadays a showroom gives you the cozy @home comfort. It has the ability in making yourself think as a billionaire. Retail owners put in efforts to make you feel good from the moment you enter a showroom. It is the interior decors who work in the background. They study the effect of designs on a human brain. Now you know what we mean by science! They put in a lot of work to give that ‘best first impression’ on a consumer. We today, reveal the tips and tricks of an interior decorator in this blog. In case you own a showroom, just see to that your retail outlet has these things designed by your designer.  

Top 10 reasons to hire an interior designer for your showroom 

1. Welcome with outspread hands 

Experts say, “open up!” Not just yourselves, also your space. Having a wide entrance will seem inviting. Showroom designers prefer wide space at the entrance. It is the beginning part of a shop’s story and the most important place. Highlights are fed here to attract customers. This is where the cash counter is set up. People try to capture the essence of the space within seconds as they enter. Make that first impression the best impression. 

2. A Window is the world. 

Showroom designers have found a way to impress people at first sight. They place products in appropriate lighting on the shelves. The pedestrians can get a glimpse of the great products you sell. If your shop is west faced, adjust your shop’s lighting according to the natural light. Maintaining soft light throughout the space is vital. The story of the shop must be made visible even to a random person on the walkway. 

3. Place it perfect 

Products on shelves, floor, or wall hangings are made visible to the eyes. This is done in a way that it does not stay hidden from the consumer. Psychology says, in a country where vehicles contribute to left-handed driving, people take left turn as soon as they enter a shop. Shelving products accordingly is a trick. Keeping them at the level of eyesight would make them pick it instantly. Interior decorators design shops that promote sales of a shop effectively. 

4. Give light and people will find the way 

Lights set the mood of a store by enriching the shopping experience. Proper highlighting increases the sales percentage margin. Did you know there are four types of lighting used in a retail showroom? A store’s mood is set by ambient lighting. Lights are arranged according to the room size. Not too bright, not too dim. Task lighting is a method to highlight places which need more attention. Places like the cash counter, dressing rooms or the store’s logo needs customer attention. An Accent lighting is used to emphasize a product. Decorative lightings are used occasionally during festivals or sale days. Interior decorators exactly know the science in effectively combining the four types of lighting to provide the perfect setting of a showroom.  

5. Mirror mirror on the wall… 

A decorator uses mirrors as a secret weapon. They rightly use it to enhance the appearance of a room. They know the science of using mirrors. These glaring objects amplify the lights, brighten up the place, and make the room look spacious. Placing huge mirrors or hanging a bunch of small decorative mirrors in the room will make the store look interesting. We never miss chance to look at our reflection whenever possible. Do you?  

6. Dress up the walls 

Walls can speak volumes about a retail showroom. Interior designers use accent painting to reveal the mood of the store. Painting the walls depends upon the kind of showroom one has. A wall tinted with light colours goes with bright hued clothing store and so on. A professional interior décor would know the right colour combinations for the walls. The science behind the human brain is a well-known factor to them. 

7. Tune your way with Tunes 

Musical tunes are believed to have a strong impact on our moods. It can change the shopping patterns of customers. So, remember to play a piece of background music according to the store’s setup. A mild music would always make one’s mood pleasant.  

8. Your logo makes you iconic 

Your brand logo is a siren to attract your customers. The interior designers are aware of the spots where people’s eyes wander. They put your icons in the right place to make your brand memorable. It is given proper lighting and occupies the center spot of your showroom. For instance, car showroom flooring is designed in a way to propagate their logo. 

9. Always go green! 

Be it your blinds, furniture, or packaging ensure going green. Look for sustainable options that imitate your brand. Interior decorators help you in finding fanciful yet sustainable décor items that are inviting to the eyes of a customer.  

10. Find your designer  

A professional designer can turn an empty canvas into a bright art. Likewise, a designer can turn a space into a perfect showroom. Hire an interior designer who can bring life to your showroom. Beryl India has got some amazing decorators who specialize in showroom establishment. Consult our decorator now for expert opinions and budget friendly options.  

We believe you have read the tricks and tips meticulously. All set to refurbish your showroom? We would recommend you read the full article. Know why you will need a professional interior designer for your showroom. Every showroom must be diligently designed keeping in mind the target audience. That is an arduous job. Consulting a professional would lead to amazing ideas. For instance, let me elaborate on how things work out in the industry.  


Top three tips to keep in mind for a furniture showroom 

  1. Prefer intense and dark coloured flooring with a contrasting ceiling theme. It plays a major role in highlighting the show piece. Don’t forget the lighting. 
  2. The wallpapers, ceramics, mirrors, and plants must be handpicked. It must agree to the mood of the furniture for a wholesome experience. Soft lighting to set a mood relating to the comfort of your home is essential.  
  3. Premium furniture is placed in cabinets with a theme. They are arranged for different environment like workstation, bedroom, balcony and living area. These can be the display at the entrance. Random pedestrian traffic can have a look at your pieces. 


Top three tricks for a boutique/garment/clothing showroom.  

  1. The entrance is the area of decompression. The area where customers calm themselves by entering the store. This is where the cash register is and people spend a lot of time at that place. A lot of focus is required here. Dumping a lot of clothes in the front would hinder their progress into the store. It is essential to keep the area calm from the outer environment.  
  2. The colours of the walls must be kept subtle. Since people see a lot of different colours in the fabrics, it is essential that their eyes need a break. 
  3. Seating and mirrors are essential in a clothing store. Having a minimalistic look would make your store look fresh and spacious.   


Top three ideas for a jewelry shop. 

  1. Creating a positive atmosphere is necessary as people connect jewelry with emotions. Design in a way that arouses the feelings and emotions in customers.
  2. Secure showcases and cabinets are vital. Lights that highlight the jewelry is a major thing. Discreet cash registers and stocking cabinets are a must.
  3. A custom-made showcase to display the most valuable and well-crafted jewelry can be considered. Spacious interiors are mandatory. People spend a lot of time in adorning themselves and selecting the perfect jewel. They would not love to be in a congested place for long hours.   


Top three things necessary for home-decor/ lifestyle showroom. 

  1. Keep the flock together. Showcasing relatable things next to each other would help people in comparing two things at the same time.
  2. Provide them an idea of how the product would ornate their own home. Set up a mock cabin designed in a particular theme. Give a wholesome look of the room by placing every décor possible.
  3. Highlighting the craftsmanship of décor products with proper lighting is essential. Don’t forget the wall hangings.  


Lend your ears to our expert Akshat Ragav, Creative head at Beryl Agency 

There is a Danish saying which tells you to live in harmony with your environment. We the designers, express the personality of a person by means of interior décor. It is not just about arranging things and make the space look pretty. It is an expression. There lies a lot of science behind designing. It is not that any person can become a designer. Being an interior designer means much more than that. Engineers and architects design a building. Whereas interior designers make sure of a safer environment. Let it be the furniture, window, ceiling, or any fittings we take many things into consideration. We look for proper aeration, where to install what for fire safety. Which kind materials can be used where? We ensure there are proper pathways for mobility convenience. There is a lot more.   

Our experts at Beryl India with their years of expertise in interior designing can turn your showroom into an exceptional place of art and safety. Our experience and professional knowledge would help you set up the perfect showroom. We provide you custom-made services in case of refurbishing your old showroom. Be a trendsetter of the new era. Our work is the perfect spell that a retailer needs to cast upon his customers. Reach out to us to provide your customers a magical experience.

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