Interior in Corona

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Interior in Corona

How homes will look post-Covid 19? A Free Guide for Interior Design in the New Normal

I was watching the news and heard about a virus named corona taking over the world with its impact, little did I pay any heed towards the news and headed for my work as usual, without realising the seriousness of the situation. Then came the 1st lockdown for 21days. At first, I enjoyed my mid-month unexpected break and here is the reality, it’s a year already in this pandemic. Covid 19 has brought about a change in the way we spend our days sitting at home. It has changed the way we emotionally, mentally and physically connect with people and our spaces. Our home has become an epitome to fulfil all our needs in one place and has become part of our workology as well. Now is the time to meticulously rethink the way your home should be post covid. So here I share some important takeaways from my pool of knowledge while designing your house post covid /emerging trends post covid:

1) Go green to stay serene :

Having indoor plants and home gardens have numerous benefits. It is scientifically proven as well as psychologically acclaimed to uplift your mood. Researchers have found indoor planting eliminates Volatile Organic Compounds emitted from furnishings, clothing, adhesives etc. and indoor air pollutants know to cause illness A home garden is an important space to incorporate your house to stay positive and healthy. Here is a list of various ways you can achieve it:

  1. Vertical gardening – If you have space congestion, vertical gardening is a smart way to instil greenery in your house. It can be achieved by using spray-painted tin cans, clay pots, wooden planters etc. on your wall.
  2.  Adding grass patches – It’s a good idea to add grass patches, it leads to a reduction in home cooling needs, purifies the air and improves air quality and improves physical and mental well being.
  3.  Indoor plants – A variety of plants are available in the market like bamboo which is a symbol of good fortune and prosperity, snake plant, spider plant, weeping fig, areca palm etc. each of which has its benefits.

2) Divide and rule

With all the members living together at all times, your space becomes a little busy despite segregated rooms in a house. The privacy of inmates is often neglected as all the outdoor chores have become part of our indoor space. Homes have become offices, schools, salons and recreational spaces all under one room. So providing privacy is essential. It is not always practical to give walls everywhere, so introducing room dividers is a smart choice to give privacy to occupants and divide the space. Moveable dividers like large bookcases, folding dividers, curtains and movable plant walls can be incorporated. It’s easy to change their layout to avoid boredom. This provides extra privacy and maximizes storage space. All of us have faced noise barriers in between our work. So soundproof is one such feature taking the forefront in newly designed homes post covid. Restoring the zen of a peaceful home. There are various sound insulation products available in the market like mass-loaded-vinyl, neoprene rubber, ceiling panels, fibreglass behind walls and ceiling panels, thick rugs, viscoelastic foam and heavy curtains which curtail noise movement.

3) Ace your Workspace

Home offices are no more a luxury but a necessity.
It’s primarily important to strike a balance between personal space and work area for efficient workology
Keep in mind these quick tips while designing your home office:

  1. Storage – Make ample space for storing your files, stationery and important documents
  2.  Multipurpose furniture – New age technology has hit the market, making workspace utilitarian. Options like a distraction-free desk, relaxing office capsules (work pods), vertically flexible furniture, dual-purpose tables, noise-cancelling armchairs, laptop integrated desk etc. are great ideas to add to your space.
  3. Lighting – ensure that your workspace has good natural lighting as well as artificial lights like an adjustable desk lamp, task lighting and good ambient light during the night.

4) Impart smart to be apart / Automation to modernization

Home Automation Solution is a fine taste of living experience bringing in comfort, convenience, safety, security, energy efficiency and entertainment at your doorstep. It is a contactless process eliminating the need to touch any switchboards and other surfaces. There are various voice-enabled controls available in home automation technology using smart app-based controls. One can operate remote door locks, air conditioners, switches, curtains, blinds, media devices, camera, video door phones. It takes into account monitoring of safety and security using sensors related to the door intrusion, switches, curtains, blinds etc. Various choice of wireless and wired options allow users flexibility and adaptation solutions as per needs.

5) Multifunctional space wins the race

There is an earnest need to realise the importance of multifunctional spaces with all the inhabitants staying together. Plans with open spaces should be encouraged so that all the common areas are positioned within a single space. This allows for flexible furniture layouts and helps in making the room multifunctional, which may include a reading corner, workout space, meditation corner, home office etc.

6) Sunlight makes you bright

Houses with big windows are a boon. With the limited connection with the outside world, sunlight and ventilation are essential for a healthy and happy life. Ventilation brings in positive energy and openness in a space. Air changes within a space help to keep them healthy and fresh. A balcony or garden also helps maintain ventilation at home. Some other ways to provide ventilation is by providing window exhaust fans, multiple doors, mesh, fans near windows to name a few. Sunlight on the other hand is also very important as it reduces the production and growth of harmful bacteria and organisms in any house. It is recognised as a natural disinfectant. It has numerous health benefits. Make sure to let plenty of sunlight fall in your house and give big windows in the north or east direction.

7) Use Antimicrobial materials

Antibacterial materials have gained importance as the need for cleaner, sanitized and more hygienic spaces have risen to prevent the growth of any kinds of bacteria and viruses. These materials can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Various options available in the market are :

  1. Antibacterial surfaces: Commonly touched surfaces in our homes include kitchen cabinets, counterparts, handles and knobs to name a few. Engineered quartz is one of the most preferred antibacterial countertops, Copper is used for hardware and there is availability of antibacterial laminates to be used for various furniture pieces.
  2. Antibacterial fabrics: Materials like wool and bamboo are natural antibacterial materials. It is available for usage in upholstered furniture and draperies. Applying antibacterial agents on any readymade textile during manufacturing can be converted into an antibacterial fabric.
  3. Antimicrobial Wall Paint: Additives are added/mixed with any paint colour to make it antimicrobial wall paint.
    Most homes nowadays prefer antimicrobial paints for interior walls because they are resistant to mould, fungus and bacteria.

8) Vocal for local

Instilling designs and art from a local craftsman has taken a centre stage due to less import in our country. There is uncertainty prevalent in international markets. reliability on local brands has raised. Designers have started to work with readily available resources and correspond with local providers, to increase their efficiency in terms of cost and time. Exploring local businesses that are selling secondhand items is a good design practice along with recycling and upcycling. Practising local craftsmanship not only supports a local business but also gives the homeowner the instant satisfaction of having their furnishings right away.

It’s time to accept and espouse the ‘new normal, as our homes will significantly impact our lives. This is a good time to incorporate positive changes to the spaces where you now spend the majority of your time. If you can’t go out, then bring the outdoors inside, make space for home gardens, workspaces, big windows and welcome sunlight with open arms. Make smart choices and use antibacterial materials and home automation techniques to make your space futuristic.

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