Interior design trends of 2021

Interior design trends of 2021

Due to the pandemic’s immediate effects on our surroundings, 2020 was a tumultuous turn in the lives of people. It is one the worst years mankind has ever seen. Daily life came to a standstill, people’s ‘to go’ spots were closed, lockdown was imposed, groceries were door delivered, no more gymming or partying. On the other side, technological advancements happened in just months. Consumers rolled out to online shopping and our local kiranawalas shifted to e-com rapidly. If you are a retail store owner, and you are missing your space at the cash counter, haggling, and making deals. However, shopaholics are missing out bargaining and showing their skills. It is in the blood of Indians and that truly gives a sense of satisfaction which is not achieved through online shopping. 

Now that there are no more lockdowns and people are coming out of their cocoons why not welcome them this 2021 with a surprise? To give your customers an immersive shopping experience, we suggest giving a new look to your and brick and motor stores. Starting with a clean slate, it would be best to provide a whole new shopping experience. 

Dig in to know more about the interior trends’ prediction for the new year.  This blog will let you know the likely to be interior design trends in 2021.We have put together expert opinions on what stays in and what goes out this 2021. Paint those walls and pop some patterns to regain the momentum. 

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Old ways don’t open new doors!

Doors can be overlooked and forgotten at times. But 2021 being a year for new possibilities, let your doors capture the essence of your spirit. This year, the unique and stylish French doors are pushing out the old-fashioned barn doors. French doors would be the ideal option to choose for the fresh year. Since people spend most time indoors, they are craving to be in the open sky. Therefore, interior designers are keen in bringing a seamless transition of outdoors into the living spaces. French doors are known for letting in the natural light. They connect spaces and give an open access to the outside world.

 You could choose from a wide range of glasses available for the doors. The most preferred one being plain glass pane, other ones are beveled glass, stained glass, grooved glass, etched and frosted glass, or colored glass. 

Taking indoors back to nature

The flintstones animation featured stone age families and made prehistoric décor desirable. But that doesn’t mean you will have an interior resembling the stone-age. Going back to nature is, bringing in showpieces that look antique and are trending. Glass pieces, artistic stones, linen, wooden and textured looks would give that pre-historic living experience. People are being mindful nowadays. They tend to express their gratitude to mother earth by moving towards sustainable options. Hence, interior designers prefer glass pieces tinted with mustard tones, pastel, pinks and amber. 

When sunlight spreads into the room, it combines with the coloured glass and brightens up the space.  It would provide subliminal harmony and serenity to the space. 

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The Tile trends of 2021

Tiling your space according to the present trend would be the best choice. There are abundant options available in the market. Lately, interior designers tend to tile any space with cool patterns and textures. 2021 styling inspirations would be a lot of texture, with rustic edges. Calming neutrals such as warm white and green vines are in this year. Consider tiling your floors with such colours which have an immense impact on any space.

Tile your space with soft whites, mossy green or some hand painted tiles. Choose a patterned tile with a harmonizing border and you will be good to go for a longer period.

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Imperfection is the new perfection

Planning to spend on new furniture? we recommend that you shop for a mix-match look. 2021 will be the year of non-matching furniture. Looking for matching furniture and patterns can be a tedious and expensive job. Good news! Complementary colours and matching furniture are out. It brings a sense of style and cohesion into the space. Interior designers put together different colours and different age furniture to give a unique and refreshing look.

Mix-match is a great way to go for cheaper options. This could be an interesting thing activity too! The only thing is unrelated pieces must look good when put together without raising an eyebrow.

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Colours can make or break a space

Colours are a form of non-verbal communication in a room. It radically affects our moods and emotions. It is not just a visual thing but can provoke us psychologically by causing excitement, serenity or even misery. Interior designers put in a lot of efforts to make a space visually appealing. Such colours are recommended for your drapers, furniture cushions, throws, bedspreads and other fabric items. Painting the walls with Pantone colour of the year will make you stand apart.

Pantone unveiled Yellow and grey as the colours of the year. These colours best reflect the end of a tumultuous end of 2021 and a hopeful beginning of 2021. The shades are 17-5104 Ultimate gray and 13-0647 Illuminating. These colours when united would convey a message of ‘strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting.’ Other than these, emerald, indigo and blue are trending.

(Pantone colour matching system is a standardized tool for designers all over the world)

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Refresh your space with wall decor

Interior designers integrate biophilic walls into their architecture. Biophilic designs incorporate natural things into human built buildings. The living walls with greenery had turned the conventional architecture inside out. This is a creative way in harnessing the natural environment indoors. On the other hand, the western ‘all white trend’ is out. People are no more into painting their house fully in white. They love bringing fresh colours and fearless patterns to add beauty to the walls.
Say no to accent walls as they are considered childish. The glamorous old Hollywood patterns are in again. Pops of brass here and there, bold patterns, and wallpapers will be widely used this year. Using happy and cheerful colours are recommended. Wallpapers with maxi patterns are preferred over minimal and neutral blushed patterns.
Our experts recommend accentuating walls with intricate elevated spaces. Handcrafted or natural organic showpieces are the new trends. Cabinets that are green with a mix of traditional and modern designs will be a hit. Designers would use vintage frames to add beauty to a place.

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Lightings and fixtures – Designer’s choice

Homeowners look for soft, warm, and dim lightings. Mimicking natural lights are also much sought after. With our homes being transformed into office spaces, people need appropriate lighting for zoom calls. Multifunctional lighting that won’t cast shadows during a video call is the designer’s choice. Lightings made of long-lasting materials like brass rather than cheap plastic pollutants will be preferred.

Painted table lamps, decorative plug-in lamps, handcrafted metal lamps are all in this year. Designers opt recessed fixtures for low ceilings, positional luminaries for a dimly lit room, multilevel lighting to integrate lights in the walls and floor lamps for the additional illumination during the dark hours. Geometric shapes, rustic styles and pendant chandeliers have replaced the traditional lighting fixtures.

Lately, a lot is happening under one roof. Therefore, people are wanting their homes to better functional. Our experts lay out some home décor tips to make your living space functionally beautiful.

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Home office decor trends

Looking back at 2020, we have spent additional hours indoors. People want to upsize their living rooms and create a distinctive comfortable workplace. The need of designated workspaces at homes is on the rise. They seek interior designers to curate the space with ultimate functionality. As a result, small space office furniture and foldable beds are trending.

Small home office setups will become staples in every modern home this year. A folding desk is seen as the best option to turn any area into a temporary office. One may also use dining table to feel a bit relaxed. A double/triple panel room divider would be the best option. Soundproofing can be done for that work life balance concern.

Floating shelves and ‘cloffice’ are another trending options. We have a clever solution for the functional work from home setup. Shortage of space? An unused closet can be turned into your office table. They are a simple yet effective solution for your home space concerns.

Multifunctional spaces for intimate gatherings

Home décor trends largely reflect the current happenings outside. Due to unforeseen lockdowns and curfews people are missing out social gatherings. No more jogging at the parks or beachwalks.  Suddenly, your home is not just a space to sleep but work, eat, workout and party. Therefore, the need of home spaces for intimate gatherings are at its peak. The biggest trend in 2021 will be making the indoors and outdoors coexist. Installing glass doors would give a sense of fluidity. Mini bars, luxurious dinning spaces are all desired by inmates who wants to host a little party at their homes.

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Consider designing the “Japandi” way

“Japandi” is relatively a new trend that blends two looks. Interior designers are much into blending the Japanese and Scandinavian designs together. This concept focusses more on comfort, simplicity, and functionality. The harmonious marriage accentuates sustainability, by bringing in unfinished woods, bamboo pieces and greenery into the room. Adding to that, elegance and sophistication are implemented with neutral colours.

The hybrid style gives rise to the combination of ‘sleek Japanese design softened by the eclectic and rustic nature of the Scandi style.’ As a result, you can see a lot of images with a Japandi look popping up on social media these days.

‘Vastu’ tips to boost positive energy.

For ages vastu shastra is believed to bring harmony, wealth, and prosperity to households or any commercial spaces. For instance, a person should sleep with the head south and feet towards to have a peaceful sleep. This would bring happiness into the family and keeps inmates healthy. Likewise, there are a lot of belief systems that are followed while designing the interiors of space. The principles of vastu shastra are scientifically proven ones and incorporate the basic elements of life like water, fire, land, sky, and air.

Our designing experts are aware of these principles and place the furniture, lightings, and plants at the right place to bring abundance of joy into the family. We give utmost importance to vastu shastra according to the zodiac signs of the family members and work to enhance the flow of positive energy.

Seeking for more styling recommendations?

With more and more people wanting to decorate their homes or workspaces designed according to their tastes every home is turning into a beautiful space. Designers with an awareness of new trends, colour sense, and math skills makes a space from bland to beautiful. They have a clear design vision and probably know the difference between glamorous fake things on TV and reality. They possess the knowledge of colour psychology and can make gorgeous combinations. They can determine the look of a space according to one’s personal preferences.

Interior designers pick the right combination of lightings and furniture as an ideal match to the ceiling and floor. They can select the trending showpieces by foreseeing the future trends across a rage of creative pieces. And therefore, next time when you are deciding to refurbish/ design a residential/workplace/temporary exhibition or commercial space don’t forget to hire a professional interior decorator.

Reach out to us to get face to face expert opinions. Beryl India with 10 years of experience in interior décor and designing aims to give you curated, in trend look to your spaces. Overcome the year of uncertainty by refurbishing your interiors with hi-tech interior fixtures. We assure to give you visually appealing and highly functional commercial and living spaces for the new era.

We deliver the latest trends that fits your lifestyle choices. Feel free to contact our dedicated team of interior designers. We make your lives more convenient.

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