Working Process

The process of 3D rendering starts right from the beginning when you come to us with a query. We discuss your requirements of 3D Rendering and Animation in detail so as to understand the depth and attributes of your project in a detailed manner.

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Step 1: Get Detailed Information About the Project

Once your project is finalised with the Team Beryl India on the approved rate, you need to submit all this information to us so as to let us start working on your project immediately.

  • Architectural Data: Floor plans, elevations and all other sections of your project. Though we accept your data in any form, however, we would prefer it most in the CAD form.
  • Camera Angle: Send us the required camera angle which is marked in your floor plan along with mentioning the height from the eye level, Bird’s eye view, or any other specific height which you prefer to see the image from. (Ex. Camera Height – 6’2”).
  • Landscape Information: Provide us with information about the surrounding area or the environment in the form of images taken from various angles or through Google earth positioning. This will help us to create a more natural 3D image for your project.
  • Colours and Materials: Help us with detailed information about your brand, products, services etc.
  • Vegetation: If there is any specific kind of vegetation on or around the project area, give us detailed information about the same including the name of the trees or plants along with their pictures.
  • Furnishing Information: Send us images of the furnishing style of the interiors along with the name, model, type, and also the name of the manufacturer of the furniture. In case you require custom made furniture, please mention this at the beginning of the project with us while receiving a rate quotation.
  • Resolution: You may require 3D images with a larger or a smaller resolution, based on the use of your products. We offer you small 3D images to large poster size images with a much higher resolution as per your requirements. So, let us know accordingly.

Step 2: 3D Model

Once we have received the whole architectural information about the project, we start with the 3D Architectural Rendering Process. We start with rendering low-resolution greyscale images so as to take your approval on that.
Have a look at the below-mentioned images to get a fair idea about the architectural details at different stages of the 3D Rendering process.
First Draft: This stage is for your approval for the camera angle and the building architecture.
First Correction: At this stage, you will mark portions of the image in red where architectural adjustments are required.

process 03copy

Step 3: Textures / Objects / Furniture

After the approval of the 3D Modelling process from the client, we start working on each and every detail of the project. This is a crucial stage as the project comes to life with the use of our extensive furniture library and other stuff which are relevant to the project. Once our professional designers complete the detailing stage of the project, we will send you a full colour ‘’Preview’’ of the same so that you have a better understanding of what you are going to receive at the final stage. We will include the final lighting and textures in this image preview for your approval.
Second Draft: At this stage, we seek your approval on textures, lighting, and furniture.
Second Correction: At this stage, you (the client) mark portions of the image in Red, where material corrections, furniture adjustments, and other details are required.

Step 4: Final High Resolution Rendering

Once you approve the Preview Rendering, we will begin with the High Resolution Rendering Process. This step is essential as we add the right kind of enhancements to the images. And then, we will provide you with Hi-Resolution Images of the project before we head into post production stage.
**Please Note: Any request for making any changes in the previous stages of the process will only be considered with an additional charge.

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process 5 1

Step 5: On-Time Delivery

At this stage, we will send you the High-resolution images of the project via your preferred delivery mode. For example, email, WeTransfer or Dropbox and more.
**Please Note: If you have any deadlines to meet, please inform us about the same at the beginning of the project. This will help us to work accordingly so as to meet your expectations and deliver you the final work on time.